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Hot Raqs 2021 is EXCLUSIVE, LUXE, & VIP only!
Still to take place in the beautiful ballroom venue in the Clovis Veterans Memorial District set in Old Town Clovis, CA. We priced it at a great value for what we are offering and while, of course, we understand not all are financially stable enough to be able to attend, however we have a payment plan in place and makes it super easy to budget for!

The hope is that the vaccine will be available to the public soon and that it will be ok to have an in person event by the end of June. We thought it might still be a good idea to not plan a full out open-to-the-public festival and plan for something a little more intimate, exclusive, and all inclusive VIP only. If masks need to be worn that is ok. Either way it is going to be a PART-TAY!

FRIDAY JUNE 25 (starts 3pm) - SUNDAY JUNE 27 (ends 6:30pm) Hot Raqs 2021 will be the not-to-be-missed community celebration of the year and we hope to dazzle you with our luxe event.

What you get:

  • 6 classes (either on the Professional track or Mixed-Level track) with our headliners Aziza, Karim Nagi, and a few special guest instructors).

  • Friday Night Meet & Greet with refreshments and live music.

  • Entrance for you and a “Plus One” to the daytime events for all 3 days with access to our hand-picked, invite-only vendors.

  • Entrance to the RED CARPET GALA DINNER SHOW! Get your gowns and suits ready! (yes that includes dinner and you may bring a “Plus One” for only $25!)

  • Saturday Night afterparty with live music!

  • Entrance to the Sunday LIVE MUSIC Concert and Finals (1st class musicians!) and a guest ticket for only $15.

  • A quick 2-3 pose photoshoot with onsite photographer for your next fave profile pic.

  • Participation in the one and only TRIVIA MANIA!, a MENAT dance, music, and culture trivia game with prizes up for grabs.

  • Performance on the top notch HOT RAQS stage with live streaming on the inter-webs PLUS critical feedback from esteemed professionals.

  • HOT RAQS VIP sparkle lanyard, bracelet, & swag.

  • Competition option add $50 per category! $1000 cash prize and crown for the Raqs Sharqi Professional category. Troupe and Fusion have a $500 cash prize and the Apprentice has a $300 cash prize (Competition categories are subject to minimum registration and any cancellation will be fully refunded).

  • The value is at least $525! but we decided to offer the Hot Raqs 2021 package at a deep discount because we love our community and want to celebrate with you all. We added up our costs and hope to have approx 50 participants to cover costs.

In the case that we end up having to be an online event, I, Andalee, guarantee a full refund of all collected fees.

Hot Raqs is an event with a vision founded by Season 1 winner of Project Belly Dance, Andalee and her Husband, Mike Owens. The intention of Hot Raqs is to facilitate a meaningful community event, where participants are encourage to challenge themselves and grow as performing artists within a supportive environment through competition or non-competitive performance and education. Of course we make this happen while having a lot of fun! The community loves Hot Raqs for the detail oriented organization, live music opportunities, great vendors, top notch sound and lighting, fabulous location, and overall positive and supportive attitude of the whole Hot Raqs team! Thank you for being a part of the HOT RAQS family!

Who's Coming?

We are so proud to have our fabulous featured instructors for Hot Raqs 2021!



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