Vanessa of Cairo


Vanessa of Cairo

Vanessa is a an American-born dancer, who has been living and dancing full-time in Egypt since 2008. To date, she is the first and only American woman to start and operate a production company in Egypt.

Vanessa has held contracts in 5 Star hotels, in addition to dancing and acting in plays at Balloon Theatre—one of Cairo’s most famous establishments. Since 2011, she has been invited to numerous countries to teach and perform, and she is thrilled to share her insight, experience and love of dance with you! Vanessa holds a BFA in Ballet from Texas Christian University. For more info about Vanessa, visit: Instagram: @vanessa_raqs

Workshops Vanessa will be teaching!

The Many Faces Of Egyptian Dance
Friday 3:00 PM - 4:30 PM

Open to ALL Levels!
This class has something for everyone!!!

Vanessa will outline the different "faces" and styles of Egyptian Raqs Sharqi as well as delve into Baladi, Shaabi and Folkloric compositions explaining why certain steps are appropriate for certain pieces of music; includes vocabulary of movement, the differences and similarities between genres as well as costuming choices.

Students participating in this special workshop are encouraged to come with questions regarding these topics, and Vanessa will be happy to share her knowledge and experience with you every step of the way!

Come and see which "Face" is your favorite!

Oriental Entrance Piece: Choreography Improv Lab
Saturday 9:15 AM - 10:45 AM

Open to Pro Level
Listening to musical cues, travelling steps, accents, knowing when to move and when to stay in place.

The entrances we make are the most important thing we can do when making a great first impression -- and keeping the audience with you every second of the journey!

Students will be guided through recognizing musical cues as well as utilizing a variety of vocabulary to interpret the different segments of the song. We will listen to the music, and learn how to identify phrases, repeats, accents, changes, and variations of phrases.

If the choreography is set, the dancers will understand WHY the elements are placed where they are. As an improvisation class, students will be guided to choose the elements which are most appropriate for the musical representation.

A veil may be used at the beginning of piece, but is not required.

Handouts are available, but we will be working on the concept of how to dance to the entrance, and even if you forget the choreography, or later choose to improvise to the music, you will feel confident in making a great first impression!

Turns, Transitions, Traveling Steps & Combos:
Sunday 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

Open to Pro Level
This class will focus on expanding our movement vocabulary, adding variations to the steps we already know and love, and finding a way to incorporate combinations flawlessly into our dancing.

Students and professionals alike will find it to be essential to their continued growth and development as a polished dancer. With Vanessa's extensive background in ballet and other classic dance genres, she will give you the tools you need to take your dancing to the next level.

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