• Registration must be submitted by June 1st for entry in program. Registration will be considered submitted and complete when entry fees are paid in full and the registration form is received.

• There are no refunds of application fees.

• The line up will be determined by date of registration and according to the applicants listed order preference.

• The Non-Competitive Scored Performance participants are held to the same standards rules as the competition participants.

• Score sheets will be available for pick up by the end of the day of your competition.

• There will be a sign up sheet for dates/times of your private critique. The review/critique is optional. You are responsible for signing up. The appointment times will be available first come first serve.

• Cover-ups must be worn over costumes while walking around and not performing.

• All performances must be family-friendly and contain no nudity or explicit lyrics in music.

• Music must be emailed by June 1, 2019 in MP3 format to and contain your legal name, stage name, and the category you are competing in. Music will be played as you send it so please make sure your edits are where they need to be. Please place all music one 1 SINGLE track.

• All performers are expected to behave professionally at all times and treat fellow performers as well as Hot Raqs staff, volunteers, and attendees with respect and kindness. Inappropriate behavior can lead to disqualification. Hot Raqs strives to create a friendly and supportive environment so that we can all enjoy our time together!

• The Live Music finals for the Professional Cabaret Soloist category will be improvisational and the band’s choice based on traditional Oriental/Raqs Sharqi music. The set will consist of a Mejancé (Oriental intro piece), a drum solo, and a short outro song.

• There will not be time allotted for access to the stage for a rehearsal ahead of time. The stage dimensions are 24ft wide by 20ft deep. The stage can be accessed from either side.

• Performances may be improvisational or choreographed. If the piece is choreographed it must be choreographed by the contestant. Coaching by a mentor is acceptable as long as the choreography was largely created by the contestant alone.

• The Professional categories are years 18yrs and older. The Apprentice category is 16yrs and older. Age at the time of the event.

• Participants of the Drum category should check in 1 hour prior to the start of the competition and may warm up in a designated spot outside of the event. Please be ready to go 30 min before the start of the category. If you are late your spot may be forfeited.

• All dance participants must check in 1 hour prior and then be ready backstage at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the competition. If you are late your spot may be forfeited.

• Please leave phones on silent while in the festival room and in the backstage dressing room. Be courteous to fellow performers. Do not take up more than your fair share of space. Space in the dressing room is limited. Please keep your items organized and in a designated spot without sprawling. The mirrors and costume racks are to be shared. There will be an assistant in the backstage dressing room if you need assistance. Due to limited space only contestants will be allowed in the dressing room.

• In the event of a tie for a placement, the scores will be changed back to the unadjusted scores to determine the higher score.

• Contestants must stay in the backstage until they have performed, after which they may watch the remaining contestants. Please remain in costume for pictures and announcements after the category.

• Contestants receive free entry on the day they compete. Friends, family members, and contestants not competing that day will be required to pay admission.

• The schedule will be emailed ahead of time but is subject to change. Please be flexible.

• All participants agree to allow Hot Raqs to use images and videos captured at the event to be used at any time for promotional purposes.

Other important Information

*Email your music file to by June 1, 2019 (1 track only, please!)

Sign-ups for your 30 minute private critique and review with Andalee is optional. It is your responsibility to sign up for a slot on the sign-up sheet in the dressing room. Appointment dates will begin a couple weeks out from the event. Andalee will receive a video of your performance from Carl Sermon at Reel Light and Sound and will discuss your performance with you either via Skype, FB chat, by email, or in person if you are local. These critiques are private and will not be shared with anyone else. Please order your video from Reel Light and Sound if you wish to have a copy of your performance. Andalee will not be sending you footage.

The dressing room is to be shared kindly and considerately. Please share the space and mirrors. There will be a dressing room helper and we trust that our volunteers will be treated with respect and kindness. The dressing room is not big enough to run through your dances and warmups should be done either before entering the dressing room or done within a small space so that you don’t get in anyone’s way. Keep your items neatly packed in your bags when you are not using them and please don’t “spread out” all over the space. NO GLITTERING or hair-spraying of oneself in the dressing room.

Please have a cover -up or veil and easy to slip on and off shoes for the walk to the stage area. A volunteer will be available to escort you from the dressing room when it is your performance time. You will remain in the dressing room until it is your turn so that we don’t have to hunt anyone down. After you perform you are free to put on a cover-up and go watch the rest of the program. Please be in costume for the results within 20 minutes or so of the end of the category for a group picture and results.