Originally from Bali, Indonesia Corina is an award winning Bellydancer based in LA. She won first place at Hot Raqs 2019 and is so excited to come back and see her Bellydance friends and family. Corina performs full time and teaches online via Zoom and Patreon.

Corina’s dedication to learning creates a teaching style that comes from a students’ point of view, having an intuitive understanding of her students’ needs while learning.

Her teaching style is also very much informed not only by her years of Middle Eastern study, but also by her yoga teacher training. As a certified yoga instructor, Corina is very knowledgeable of physical anatomy and injury prevention. Teaching her students how to move safely within their bodies is an important aspect in her classes.

While dance is her number one love, she is also passionate about the healing arts and living a positive, mindful life. She hopes to see you in class and share all her tips and techniques with you!

Workshops Corina will be teaching!

Batwanes Beek
Sunday 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

Corina will be teaching an all levels choreography to the Classic Egyptian song by Warda “Batwanes Beek” which translates to “You’re always with me”.

The 1.5hr class will include dance technique breakdown, song analysis and historical context, practice drills and performance.

The instruction segment will be structured in a way where students will learn the steps with counts and practice each combo slowly and then up to speed. I find this is one of the most efficient systems to learn choreography in a way where you can memorize it effectively and absorb the movement in your body well enough to make it your own.

Performing dance steps must be paired with authentic feeling and emotions to properly convey an energy, a frequency and magic that will connect with the audience. To do this, we must first understand the rhythms, the musicality and of course the lyric translation of the song. Once we know the context of the song, we will be able to connect with it and express ourselves in a way that is rich with feeling.

At the end of class, we will perform the choreography and then improvise to explore ways to express your true self within the song and choreography. And don’t worry, we will make time to record the choreo for future practice at home.

You will leave this class feeling like you truly learned the choreography and will be ready to perform to this song with confidence and authenticity.

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