Basinah is a multiple award-winning dancer based out of San Francisco. She has been belly dancing for many years and still cant believe that what started as a birthday present turned into a love affair. Shimmies have stolen her heart. One lesson was all it took, and the rest is history. Belly Dancing has become part of her soul… She celebrates over ten accolades in professional solo and group categories (including the first ever winner of Hot Raqs Professional Category in 2017!) , and Miss Congeniality.

Workshops Basinah will be teaching!

Sunday 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM

Shaabi- the dance of the people and nightlife of Cairo(the dance of everyday life). Join me as we explore the history, attitude, and essence of Egyptian street dance. In a comprehensive technique and choreography class, we’ll explore the elements that make this dance sassy, exciting, and fun.

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