MYchelle Crown


Mychelle Crown

Mychelle Crown is a Professional Bellydancer and Pilates Instructor based in Sacramento, CA. Mychelle is Owner/Operator of Thrive Movement Arts in Sacramento, and Director of The Crown Jewels Dance Company. Learn more at t

Workshops Mychelle crown will be teaching!

Circle Veil, A Lost Technique

Take your veil technique in a whole new direction. Mychelle Crown will teach the lost technique of Circle Veil, a vintage prop that adds a stunning impact to your veil work. The Circle Veil combines the ease of use of a rectangular veil with the beautiful effect of double veil, cape, and bolero stylings. The techniques used can also be used to create dynamic one-handed work with a rectangular veil. Mychelle is very excited for the opportunity to pass on her knowledge of this very special prop!

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