Laura Leyl


Laura Leyl

Laura Leyl is an multi-award-winning professional belly dancer based in Los Angeles. Laura is making waves in the dance community performing and teaching Turkish Oryantal and American Cabaret bellydance, not as vintage relics of the past, but as modern, vibrant dance styles. Her biggest dance influences include Alexandra King in American Cabaret style and Artemis Mourat in Turkish Oryantal style. Laura has a special place in her heart for Hot Raqs, where she placed first in the Professional Cabaret Soloist category in 2018. Laura teaches in-studio and virtual classes at DanceGardenLA. Check her out at and on social media @lauraleylbellydance.

Workshops Laura Leyl will be teaching!

Turk-ify Your Bellydance (all levels)
Saturday, June 25, 2022 10:45 AM - 12:15 PM

What makes Turkish-Style Bellydance different from Arabic Styles, such as Egyptian and Lebanese? I will teach you concrete steps to switch your styling and expression to Turkish style.

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