2019 Hot Raqs Workshops!

DaVid of Scandinavia

“Egyptian Shaabi” - The Dance of the People

4:30PM-6:30PM PM Saturday June 29, 2019 $45 (or both of DaVid's for $85)before June 1st/$50 after

Level: Mixed This workshop focuses on accessing the natural confidence and grace of Egyptian Shaabi conceptual and technical exploration to effortless dancing with strength, radiance and expressive range. Dancers should be ready to sweat. This workshop is geared towards dancers with some dance experience to experienced dancers. registration

DaVid of Scandinavia

“Filling the Stage!”- Floor Patterns and Framing for Stage

09:00 AM - 10:30 AM Sunday June 30, 2019, $40 (or both of DaVid's for $85) before June 1st/$45 after

Level: continuing, intermediate, advanced, professional This workshop is specifically helpful for improvisational dancers, but is of benefit to choreography oriented dancers as well. Learn typical floor patterns and techniques that allow you to freely move about the stage space, adapt choreographies, avoid locking into repetitive motions and balance your performances. Learn how to direct registration

Aubre Hill

“From Village to Stage” - How Context Changes the Dance.

10:00 AM - 12:00 PM Saturday June 29, 2019 $45 (or both of Aubre's for $85) before June 1st/$50 after

Part Lecture/ Part Movement Handouts Included/ Bring Notebook & pen Talking and working through how movements and aesthetics shift and change with context & environment. How the dance is experienced in a social context and then a stage changes symbolism, execution, and presentation. Understanding this change allows dancers to understand history and culture in a more respectful way to make knowledgeable decisions as to how they want to present different forms within their own shows. registration

Aubre Hill

“Technique Tune-up” - For all Bellydance Styles!

12:30 PM - 02:00 PM Sunday June 30, 2019, $40 (or both of Aubre's for $85) before June 1st/$45 after

Drills & combos to expand precision, musicality, body awareness, and expression. Come ready to move and ready to work!registration


“Zil Technique and Style” - Coordinating Finger Cymbals and Dance Choreography

10:45 AM - 12:15 PM Sunday June 30, 2019, $35 before June 1st/$40 after

With workshop notes By Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan © This workshop will give dancers skills and techniques for playing finger cymbals as they perform. Good for Dancers with some experience playing zills. Workshop topics include: Tips and techniques for playing evenly, increasing dexterity and speed Middle Eastern Rhythms and cymbal patterns Zil patterns and combinations by the numbers 3 Ways to play finger cymbals: Rhythmically, Melodically, and as Embellishment to dance Coordinating finger cymbals with dance and music Fun with percussive patterns: Locks, Pops, Melody Accents, Match Musicality and Phrases registration

Tessera Tribal

“The Sampler Platter” A Taste of Tessera Tribal®’s ATS® Movement Dialect

12:30 PM - 02:00 PM Saturday June 29, 2019, $35 before June 1st/$40 after

Tessera Tribal is known for their innovative, formation-driven approach to ATS®. In this exciting introduction to Tessera’s unique ATS® Movement Dialect, you’ll learn both slow and fast vocabulary to add musicality and variety to your group improvisation. Intermediate ATS® experience strongly recommended. registration